Successful Placements
Quality of fill. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality employee to the markets we serve. Negative employee attrition is costly for all parties.  

Industry Specialization
Clear understanding of our client’s needs, skill sets, culture and market trend for passive candidates. 

Recruiting Capacity
Respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs. It’s our ability to out-work our competition that clearly reflects the passion and enthusiasm to serve our clients.



We are only as good as the last person we’ve placed. We will work to get it right the first time. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Our Guarantee

Process Execution

Services Iniative

  • By gathering specific details of each staffing requirement from the hiring manager, we focus our recruiting strategy and effort towards what’s most important for a prospect to be successful. 

Successful companies are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Even in a commodity-based market, top performers find a way to deliver more value than the competition. This is established through delivering on a solid value proposition. We at Pro13, define that proposition as the distinct combination of actions, beliefs and competencies that make us different.

Value Proposition

Founded in 2013, our management team has over 20 years' of professional and technical recruiting experience. All of our team members understand that building relationships, both with businesses and professionals, is key in creating successful placements. Find out how we can help you and your business today!

Our Strength

  • ​Validate employment references. Pro13 won’t wait for you to select a candidate before executing reference checks. We use them to further illustrate an candidate’s resume

  • We will conduct a search using all the latest technology and insight; industry specific database, web based sites, job boards and social media tools. Conduct thorough interviews and assessments to measure a prospect’s technical ability, interpersonal skills, and leadership style. We obey our “gut feeling” on the all too important intangibles.